AILA formally endorsed our ReN statement on Open Scholarship in Applied Linguistics at the 2022 AILA-EBIC meeting!🎉
Our open scholarship guidelines and example practices were inspired by our inaugural symposium with brilliant insights and contributions from advocates of open scholarship both within applied linguistics and beyond! We express our gratitude to our network advisors, the speakers, presenters, participants, and the organising team of our symposium, as well as anyone who has contributed to this endeavour in any manner! Special thanks must go to AILA for formally recognising the value of open scholarship to our field!

OS guidelines and example practices

To raise the awareness of open scholarship in applied linguistics and to initiate dialogues both within and beyond applied linguistics, a two-day online symposium was held by the AILA ReN Open Applied Linguistics on 9-10 June 2022. There were 467 registered participants,19 invited speakers and 12 presenters across all career stages who contributed 19 sessions over the two days. A variety of topics were covered at the symposium, ranging from replication and registered reports to research data management. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience points to the timeliness and exigency for conversations on open scholarship for applied linguists. While this symposium marks only one of the initial steps in a long journey, we believe it sets us closer towards a more open and transparent future for applied linguistics. The event inspired a list of guidelines and corresponding practices that applied linguists may follow to encourage OS within their individual and collective research endeavours, which are included in our ReN statement on OS in AL attached below.
Open Applied Linguistics Research Network Statement
Open Applied Linguistics Research Network Statement