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Call for expression of interest for BAAL 2023 symposium!

Call for expression of interest for BAAL 2023 symposium!

We are really excited to see that BAAL 2023 (the annual conference of British Association for Applied Linguistics) will be focused on celebrating transformative open research initiatives, which is a close fit to our network:
  • accessible, transparent, reproducible, collaborative, inclusive research, practice, and policy
  • decolonising language learning/teaching
  • language use in the digital age
We hope to organise a symposium at BAAL 2023 conference. We value your opinions and would like to prioritise topics that are of interest to you (either as a contributor or as an attendee)!
We’ve prepared a list of potential topics and we would like to hear from you! Please fill out this form by 31st October 2022 and let your voices be heard! We also welcome informal enquiries on potential contributions and collaborations (email:
Please note the following timeline for the conference: we will choose the symposium topic based on the survey results and submit to BAAL 2023 for review (submission deadline 18th November 2022). If accepted, we will then send out invitations and an open call for individual submissions to this symposium (window of submission between 16th December 2022 and 17th March 2023).
Note. the survey was successfully conducted and the form has been closed. We thank everyone who has contributed! Please consider submitting to our symposium!