We are excited to announce the establishment of a research library for open scholarship in applied linguistics!
What is Open Applied Linguistics Research Library?
While open scholarship (also known as open science or open research) is still an emerging topic in applied linguistics, there is increasing research on this topic (e.g., Marsden & Plonsky, 2018) and research that practises open scholarship (e.g.,sharing data and materials, conducting replication studies). At the moment, such efforts are fragmented as there is yet a central hub for research on open scholarship and for research practising open scholarship. We aim to improve the status quo by building a public Zotero library dedicated to open scholarship in applied linguistics.
What are the primary objectives of our research library?
This library aims to:
  • serve as a central hub for research on open scholarship and for research practising open scholarship in applied linguistics
  • showcase applied linguists’ open scholarship practices (e.g., sharing data and materials, conducting replication studies)
  • help anyone interested in open scholarship in applied linguistics to find target articles with a few clicks
  • serve as the foundation for our reading club where we invite authors to present their research and exchange ideas with our members and a wider audience
How does it work?
The research library is open to all and crowdsourced by all. Community contributors can submit bibliometric entries via our submission form and our network team will add them to the library on a regular basis. Our network will also organise reading club events to select readings from the library and facilitate knowledge exchange between authors and readers.
Am I eligible to contribute?
We welcome contributions from everyone! You can either contribute your own research or your colleague’s research that fits our inclusion criteria.
Why should I contribute?
By contributing to the research library, you can:
  • Share your works in a broader network. We will be actively promoting the research in this library across our social media platforms and our network events. This means a wider audience will be able to know about your work and read your research!
  • Have your work discussed further in our reading club. Our research library and reading club work hand in hand. We will select readings from the library and invite authors to speak at our reading club. Through discussions, different issues can be looked at from different perspectives, and novel ideas can emerge.
  • Contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Even if you are not doing research on open scholarship (yet), you can still make a contribution by submitting entries of works that fit our inclusion criteria. This will accelerate the development of our research library and make it easier for other researchers to find relevant resources.
What can I contribute?
At the moment, we are collecting two types of research:
  • Research on/about OS (i.e., the topic of the research involves open scholarship in applied linguistics)
  • Research practicing OS (e.g., replication & preregistered studies, or any research in applied linguistics withopen scholarship practices such as open data or materials).
NB. In case of any uncertainty, we would still love to receive your contributions for screening and approval by the team (this process might take a while).
How to contribute?
Please see the instructions for classification and submission:
Please use this link for submission:
What if I have questions?
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: